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Could I just trade Bitcoin for Dogecoin instead of selling to fiat?

What I'm trying to ask is, when Bitcoin in high and I want to sell, could I just trade it for Dogecoin and when Bitcoin is low again, but Bitcoin with my Dogecoin? I figured since Dogecoin seems pretty stable, this would be a better option instead of trading back and forth to fiat.
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OOOBTC exchange provides a wide range of crypto currencies, ERC20 tokens. Easy to use User Interface combined with high performance trading engine. #ooobtc #obx #IEO #exchange #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #launchpad #blockchain #toqqn #dogecoin #Btk #usdt #Btcone #OVC

OOOBTC exchange provides a wide range of crypto currencies, ERC20 tokens. Easy to use User Interface combined with high performance trading engine. #ooobtc #obx #IEO #exchange #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #launchpad #blockchain #toqqn #dogecoin #Btk #usdt #Btcone #OVC submitted by hanafizoon to INDOcryptocurrency [link] [comments]

How do I trade my $15 in bitcoin to dogecoin?

Hi im trying to invest in some dogecoin but I dont know anysites that let me trade my bitcoin to dogecoin. The one I was gonna use was changellly but they want minimum $40 or something like that for the trade. Please help
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The Mets have taken a huge financial hit from this weeks cryptocurrency crash, unless the market rebounds soon, they have to trade Syndergaard, because they can not afford his contract. They're also supposedly attempting to pay Wilmer Flores with Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

My friend, lets call him "Cold Tuna", was talking yesterday with Mickey Callaway's personal fishmonger, (Callaway's a notorious pescatarian), and he told me that Callaway has been informed by team brass not to count on Noah being a part of the team in the spring. He said that The Wilpons had lost close to 150 million dollars in the last three days, and that they were looking to trade Noah for prospects, because letting him even get to Spring training would degrade his trade value.
He said Callaway seemed really upset that they had sunk so much of the team's finances into Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. "They literally own like 35% of fucking Dogecoin, and 4% of Bitcoin Cash, and and we we've gone in the last month from signing stars to selling Noah. It's total BS." Mickey reportedly said. Mickey also told him that The Wilpons also held large reserves of several "shitcoins" that had all lost over 95% of their value from a year ago.
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Reaction: dogecoin vs. bitcoin Uber co-founder giving away $25 worth of BTC to everyone who tries new trading app!

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SO MUCH faith in DogeCoin that i just trade 50% of my bitcoins to buy dogecoin

I don't care if i lose money because this will only be temporary and Bitcoin (with other altcoins) gave me a 1000% R.O.I in 2 month !
Dogecoin is the fastest growing coin in number of transactions (more than bitcoin), on social sites like facebook twitter (more followers than bitcoin) reddit (growing faster than bitcoin on the last 7 days) and has a great & funny community !
Dogecoin has what other currencies don't have => It's Fun and has a likable mascot !
2014 => DOGE's YEAR mark my words !
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I solved the Bitcoin trading pair problem thanks to Dogecoin. 1 Doge should always equal 1 Doge

I solved the Bitcoin trading pair problem thanks to Dogecoin. 1 Doge should always equal 1 Doge submitted by patrickman6 to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Ethereum Trading is Coming to Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Huobi and dogecoin is in future list

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DogeCoin Added To MCXNow, 200 Bitcoin Trading Volume After A Few Hours

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What's currently the best place to trade Dogecoins to Bitcoins or vice versa?

Hi, I know this sounds like a very newbie question, but I've been out of the Dogecoin community for months, so I feel very out of the loop. Back in the day, I remember everyone was using Bter and Cryptsy to trade... what's the situation like today? What are the trustworthy marketplaces where I can convert one currency to the other and not have to wait for hours for it to process (such was the case with Cryptsy at certain points).
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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] I want to trade dogecoin for Bitcoin. What would be the easiest and safest way of doing this for ...

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New to all of this. Got 0.37 bitcoins I would like to trade for dogecoins. How do I do this?

Hi Shibes! I would like to buy dogecoins so that I can be a part of your wonderful community. I have 0.37 bitcoins which I would like to trade in for dogecoins, where and how do I do this?
Been trying to find an answer to this, but maybe I'm a little lost now that I'm a puppy. Saw something about Cryptsy and Vercurex, but I could't really understand it. Would just like to see how much 1 doge is worth and how many of them I can get for my 0.37 btc.
P.S. Going to sleep really soon, but looking forward to finding some helpful answers tomorrow :).
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Clash of clans is international and popular. They should consider a way for clans to trade in dogecoin/bitcoin.

This is a popular app that is worldwide. Often people of many different countries are in a clan together. Some people have more income than others but wish to better their respective clans. Implementing some sort of in-game system to allow for send addresses for dogecoin or bitcoin would make the sharing of wealth across borders more easy. Ten bucks in the U.S. goes way further in say Serbia, or the Gambia. What better way to increase dogecoin usage than to throw it into a global game?
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Open Trading DOGE / NYAN at market rates. Buy Nyancoin or sell it for Dogecoin: I have you covered. (I am also willing to accept Bitcoin!)

Hi, I see many people confused about the price of NYAN, so in an effort to stabilize it and provide some opportunities for people to buy I am going to attempt trading it today. I am americanpegasus, one of the most famous Dogecoin buyers and sellers so you have zero-risk when you are dealing with me. My Doge market feedback can be viewed here: (
This will be a learning process for both of us, but I will get to orders first come first serve. If I sell out of a given quantity of a coin, I can't promise the prices won't increase if demand is higher than I anticipate. I am setting my initial rates according to the few open markets that currently carry Nyancoin in an effort to be fair. Also, I will be making the language as clear as possible:
These rates can change at any time; please update to see latest rates! I buy / sell first come first serve, and I can't guarantee any prices until I talk to you directly. If you are interested in buying with Bitcoins, PM me and we'll discuss the rates. If you want to make a bulk purchase larger than the current offering, ask and I'll tell you the rate.

If you want to buy NYAN with DOGE:

16 DOGE / 1 NYAN (Address: DNuep9GYMxun9z66k4boME7afGiGcJ9MQp)

If you want to sell NYAN for DOGE:

1 NYAN / 10 DOGE (Address: KBymCQb9ZbaZ4jWUwicijyRLqrqkeTQsro)
I am currently: UNAVAILABLE FOR TRADE (will return tomorrow night around 1900 ET)
Please comment or PM me to initiate a trade. I look forward to doing business with you all! :)
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Ebay Adds Virtual Currency Section to Allow Bitcoin and Dogecoin Trading

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Mining on Ghash Multipool which pays out in bitcoin. How do I trade those bitcoins from to dogecoin?

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[SD] I want to trade 49430.55994938311 Doge (Dogecoin) for 0.05387931034482758 BTC (Bitcoin)

This is approx. $25 USD according to
I'm just trying to pay a bill on namecheap for my domains that need to be renewed. I chose this subreddit because I've bought doge here before and wanted to avoid the exchanges and keep it here on reddit.
Leave a message here and send me a PM. Thanks!
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Why should I trade my dogecoin to bitcoin

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Latest trade news: One Troutcoin now worth 21.1 Dogecoins, expected to surpass Bitcoin by close of trading today

Latest trade news: One Troutcoin now worth 21.1 Dogecoins, expected to surpass Bitcoin by close of trading today submitted by jeanlucpeckinpah to baseballcirclejerk [link] [comments]

(CONFUSED) If I buy bitcoins locally (localtrader) in order to trade for dogecoins, will i receive less doge as the price of bitcoins rises or is the BIT/USD price irrelevant?

very confused as a currencies value seems to be relative to other currencies (as far as i understand, which may not be correct) and my head is hurting with 3 currencies relative to each other EDIT: I'm assuming that i immediately trade bitcoin for doge, so no need to factor in changes in the market price
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WTB: Dogecoins for bitcoins! Have 2 bitcoins am looking to trade!

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beside bitcoin and dogecoin, does any other coins get use to buy things or just trade around.

i can't see any evident where other coin get use for anything else, beside trading back and forth on the exchange.
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Selling Doge for Bitcoin on Bittrex Dogecoin Price Prediction (doge/btc) Doge Coin Cryptocurrency Trade Analysis DOGEcoin for Bitcoin Trading on Cryptopia How to Convert Altcoins to Bitcoins? How to Trade on Maxcoins Dogecoins Quarkcoins live exchange of dogecoin to bitcoin

Trade Dogecoin today on the fastest and best DOGE Exchange. No limits, no weird id/passport requirements, low fees. Markets; Help. API Fees. Sign In. Dogecoin (DOGE) Current Price. 24h Chg. Volume. 24h High. 24h Low. V: O: H: L: C: Price: BTC: SELL: Sign in to trade DOGE: Price: BTC: BUY: Sign in to trade DOGE: Amount (BTC) Amount (DOGE) Price (BTC) No orders available. 0 BTC. Price (BTC ... There are currently 84 Dogecoin exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade Dogecoin (DOGE) with a total 24-hour volume of $ 26.38M. You can buy Dogecoin with USD, EUR, GBP and 3 more fiat currencies. Dogecoin can be exchanged with 21 cryptocurrencies. You can also buy Dogecoin with Tether, Binance USD, QCash and 3 more stablecoins. The best Dogecoin exchange for trading is Binance. If you want to trade your dogecoin for bitcoin, we recommend checking out Coinmama, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges around and definitely one that’s going to continue to grow in the coming years. If you’d like to learn more about exchanging the leading cryptocurrency, you can learn more about the process in our exchange litecoin to bitcoin article. Filed Under ... Dogecoin Bitcoin price details will give you the exact conversion rate, which is equivalent to 1 DOGE = 0.00000021 BTC as of now. Here you can check the highest conversion rate from 1 Dogecoin Bitcoin in the last 24 hours, that has been recorded at 0.00000022 BTC and the lowest has been recorded at 0.00000020 BTC. Price 1 DOGE = 0.00000021 BTC 24H High. 0.00000022 BTC 24H Low. 0.00000020 BTC ... About exchanging Dogecoin to Bitcoin. All exchangers specified in the list provide the service of exchanging Dogecoin to Bitcoin automatically. You can use our instructions in the FAQ section if you have never exchanged electronic money at our site before and you come across any difficulties with the exchange process.

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Selling Doge for Bitcoin on Bittrex

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Faucets Selling Doge for Bitcoin on Bittrex Bitcoin Trading Live / Crypto BTC Algo Trading with DeriBot on Deribit(as BitMex but Faster) Deribot 583 watching Live now How to Get Credit Cards Without Your Social Security Number - Duration ... live exchange of dogecoin to bitcoin knowledge box. Loading... Unsubscribe from knowledge box? ... Why Wall Street Traders Are On The Decline - Duration: 14:13. CNBC Recommended for you. New; 14 ... Bitcoin Trading for Beginners (A Guide in Plain English) - Duration: 18:48. 99Bitcoins 146,093 views. 18:48. What is Blockchain - Duration: 13:59. zlotolow 2,386,142 views. 13:59. Live Bitcoin ... In this video I convert Bitcoin to Dogecoin on a website called Changelly. It took an hour but the transaction did complete for me. Changelly is an online Cryptocurrency Exchange First 5 people to ...