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Bitcoin and Rationality, Part 2: Why Bitcoin is not like the lottery, and when to sell


Enlightenment Through Understanding


Bitcoin and Rationality, Part 2: Why Bitcoin is not like the lottery, and when to sell

April 15
See part 1
Eliezer Yudkowsky disagrees with Scott’s Crypto Autopsy post, writing:
The idea of “rationality” is that we can talk about general, abstract algorithms of cognition which tend to produce better or worse results. If there’s no general thinking pattern that produces a systematically better result, you were perfectly rational. If there’s no thinking pattern a human can realistically adopt that produces a better result, you were about as sane as a human gets. We don’t say, “Gosh, I sure do wish I’d bought the Mega Millions ticket for 01-04-14-17-40-04* yesterday.” We don’t say, “Rationalists should win the lottery.”
People who obtained Bitcoin early on and are sitting on a large windfall are often compared to lottery winners, suggesting that the role of luck far overpowers any possible skill. One should not beat themselves up over missing out on Bitcoin, because it’s not any different than winning the lottery.
I agree one should not beat themselves up, because dwelling on the past is a poor use of one’s time, but that is not because Bitcoin is like the lottery, which it isn’t. The most obvious evidence such a comparison is wrong is the fact there is so much Bitcoin regret but no lotto regret. Surely if they were the same thing, we would not see so much discussion about Bitcoin regret, just as we don’t see discussion about lotto regret. No one says “drat…I wish I picked 5,45,20,99 instead of 1,7,33,23.”
Scott is right. There was an opportunity to make effortless riches–that in theory anyone could have done, as easily as mining them when it was easy or buying them cheap. Getting rich with bitcoin merely required two actions that anyone could have done easily: become aware of the existence of Bitcoin, and then buy & hold it. There were pitfalls along the way: hacking of exchanges, lost keys, selling too soon, spending bitcoin instead of saving, etc.
Why are there so many posts and articles about Bitcoin regret but not lotto regret? Eli falsely equates the two when they are not the same. Acquiring Bitcoin early, unlike guessing numbers out of hundreds of millions of possibilities, as explained above, is something anyone could have conceivably done.Unlike the lotto, it didn’t require pure luck but rather a combination of awareness and action. Right there, in front of you, are the coins at $.1-$10 waiting to be bought. All you had to do was buy them. Same for Ethereum…$1 ether tokens…right there. Nowadays, unlike before 2016, there are too many coins and picking the next Ethereum or Bitcoin requires much more luck.
A 50% gain in an individual stock over a 1-year period is considered exceptional. Bitcoin blew this away by a magnitude of thousands. No individual stock (or any sort of investment opportunity) even remotely comes close to Bitcoin and other coins. Maybe Apple in 2004 or Netflix in 2004 is the closest.
But what about the objection that buying Bitcoin in 2009-2011 is like playing the lottery or donating to charity? There are two key distinctions: The odds of choosing a profitable investment are magnitudes higher than correct lotto numbers. Although the lotto pays more, the expected value is negative due the infinitesimal odds. With charity, your money is gone for good. You hope your donation is being allocated wisely, but you have no control over that. But by buying Bitcoin early on, one was able to both support Bitcoin while also having the option to sell the coins on an exchange or other market at any time for an agreed upon market price.
What would have been the harm though of throwing a few hundred dollars at Bitcoin out of curiosity. Unlike a used lotto ticket, the value does not just go away. Someone in 2011 or so could have observed the intellectually vibrant Bitcoin community and thought, “hmm…these people seem to have an interesting idea..I’ll throw a few hundred bucks their way and see what happens, and unlike donating to charity , it’s not like the money is gone. There is a market if I want to sell, and I’m supporting the cause, and some vendors actually accept Bitcoin too.”
Yes there a luck factor in terms of choosing winning investments, but the odds are not as bleak and random as lotto tickets though. In conclusions, the key distinction is that while choosing winning investments involves luck, unlike guessing correct numbers, Bitcoin in 2009-2011 was something that was much more feasible and did not require pure guesswork, but rather a combination of awareness (knowing that Bitcoin exists) and action (buying them or mining them).
The next question is, when to sell? ‘HODL’ is not rationally-optimal and is based on the belief that past price performance can predict the future, but obviously there is no such guarantee. The optimal time to sell is based on many variables: estimated remaining life expectancy, predicted annual returns assuming the after-tax proceeds from the Bitcoin sale are reinvested in index funds and or bonds, monthly draw-downs for living expenses, etc. If one has enough Bitcoin to never have to work again, given the above variables, then selling would probably be the most rational choice even if this means selling (in retrospect) too soon. Or if you have enough Bitcoin to buy real estate, which has smoother returns than Bitcoin and means not having to piss away money on rent. Although Bitcoin may have higher returns then real estate, real estate prices are much more stable and real estate has the added utility that is derived from either living in it or renting it out. However, it’s possible that one could derive income by selling calls option against a Bitcoin position.
In other instances, HODL may be rational. Let’s say, for example, you owe the IRS $200,000 but you also have $200,000 in Bitcoin (which you bought long time ago that the govt. is oblivious to). The ability of the IRS to deduct wages is limited, but they can easily seize windfalls. Because back taxes expire in 10 years, the rational choice may be to just hold until either the taxes expire or Bitcoin rises enough to pay the taxes and leave enough left over. Selling at $200,000 means having the IRS take it. Trying sell the Bitcoin but not report the income incurs the criminal risk of tax evasion, which is made worse if one already owes taxes.
But, again, despite all the media hype over Bitcoin riches, most people have less than a single Bitcoin, which they likely purchased between October-January near the top. In this case, given how much Bitcoin has already fallen, but also given Bitcoin’s historical tendency to recover, holding may be the best choice, but it requires a lot of patience.
But what if you really believe in Bitcoin, and that the U.S. dollar is doomed, etc.–why would you sell? Here’s a solution: Let’s assume you have enough profit to never have to work again. You can sell your Bitcoin, quit your job, and then use your newfound free time advance pro-Bitcoin causes.

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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 156 - DOGE4DOGE - What's working for you?

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
Today I ask a simple question: What's working for you?
How is the Dogecoin experience panning out?
What could we be doing better?
You see, I've heard some people complaining that there isn't much yet for them to do with their Dogecoins... and that's a comment that really got me thinking.
One of the things that is essential to the long-term viability of our coin is Demand.
And if we can 'do' enough things with our coin, garner enough interest, have access to enough things and experiences that people want to take part in... then there's are a good chance that folks -- especially new-Shibes -- will brave the somewhat convoluted system required in order to get their hands on Dogecoins.
So... what would you like to be able to do, or buy with Dogecoins that you're not currently able to?
Let's make a wishlist together, here and now.
Something for the more enterprising Shibes amongst us to take and run with, to get their ideas flowing.
Things we wish we could buy with Dogecoins
Things we wish we could do with Dogecoins
Goals/Projects to undertake
It's through these sorts of exercises, by taking stock of where we are and where we'd like to be, that we can also help to build our DOGEconomy.
To give our community forward direction and momentum.
Think of it like putting a wish on the wind... sometimes you actually get what you want.
So, let's give it a try, my friends! Let's build a list and see if we can't all help ourselves get a little bit closer to the moon. ;D)
It's 8:06AM EST and we're at 82.30% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is down from ~50 to ~47 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is up slightly from ~714 to ~761.
As always, I appreciate your support!
If you have work you need done, please consider hiring a Shibe first from our BOOTSTRAP SERVICE ECONOMY
If you have skills to sell for Dogecoin or would like to hire a skill that's not on the above list - let me know in the comments and I'll add your request here.
If you want to build a team or have a project you want to move forward, let me know in the comments.
If you have an artist you want to shout out or work you think needs more attention, or sale on the way or a business on the rise... let me know in the comments.
Together, we rise, my friends!
Services on Offer
Help Wanted
Projects Starting
Projects Ongoing
Sales and Specials at Dogecoin Businesses
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 157 - DOGE4DOGE - Week Two: Building Upward

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
Yesterday we took a look at some of the things you wished you could do with Dogecoin, some of the ideas that you had -- and I have to say that, wow, I'm quite impressed. The list you created is a great sneak-peek at some fantastic ways forward for our DOGEs.
So, now not only have we managed to build the foundations of a Bootstrap Service Economy -- Where Shibes can hire Shibes for Dogecoin -- but now we've also put together a fantastic 'wishlist' for prospective, enterprising Shibes and businesses to tackle.
Even better, now we can begin the fun part of pairing up our wishlists with businesses that might already do something similar.
As an added bonus, more Dogecoin businesses get some free promotion.
And for the businesses who do something similar, but not quite there, maybe this is an opportunity to expand one's business toward where the demand is ;D)
So, if you know of any businesses that fulfill the needs put forward on the wishlists below -- or would like to add things to this wishlist -- please let me know in the comments!
Things we wish we could buy with Dogecoins
Buy Stickers and more: Copper's Doge Shop
Things we wish we could do with Dogecoins
Goals/Projects to undertake
All in all, we're starting to really gather some steam here in Week 2! Let's keep the momentum going!
It's 8:29AM EST and we're at 82.46% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is spiking from ~52 to ~62 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is also spiking from ~870 to ~1075.
As always, I appreciate your support!
If you have work you need done, please consider hiring a Shibe first from our BOOTSTRAP SERVICE ECONOMY
If you have skills to sell for Dogecoin or would like to hire a skill that's not on the above list - let me know in the comments and I'll add your request here.
If you want to build a team or have a project you want to move forward, let me know in the comments.
If you have an artist you want to shout out or work you think needs more attention, or sale on the way or a business on the rise... let me know in the comments.
Together, we rise, my friends!
Services on Offer
Help Wanted
Projects Starting
Projects Ongoing
Sales and Specials at Dogecoin Businesses
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Farcical US election is evidence of Washington's hypocritical democracy: China
  2. Russia warns South Korea of consequences if THAAD deployed
  3. Russia, China have good prospects for cooperation development - China’s Commerce Minister
  4. President al-Assad to Chinese Phoenix TV: any foreign troops coming to Syria without permission are invaders-video
  5. Ray McGovern on Russia, China, and U.S. Exceptionalism
  6. Chinese fugitive officials have nowhere to hide: By the end of 2016, 2,566 fugitives had been extradited or repatriated from over 90 countries and regions, with assets worth about 8.6 billion yuan ($1.25 billion) recovered
  7. Trump could be handing a big gift to China: Without the TPP facilitating capital flows, China is likely to overtake the U.S. as the largest source of foreign direct investment for ASEAN. China has seized the opportunity afforded by Trump’s wall on the U.S. border with Mexico to reach out
  8. Solar power growth leaps by 50% worldwide thanks to US and China: The amount of solar power added worldwide soared by some 50% last year because of a sun rush in the US and China, new figures show
  9. Trump reportedly plans to host China's president in April
  10. International Women’s Day in China: Chinese Women Dominate List of World’s Female Billionaires
  11. Chinese cruise passengers put patriotism above tourism by skipping South Korean port visit
  12. N. Korea, THAAD key topics for Trump's summit with Xi: White House
  13. 3,300 Chinese cruise passengers stage boycott at South Korean resort amid missile shield row: A Jeju official was quoted as saying that smaller groups of Chinese tourists had refused to ­disembark in Jeju in recent days but the scale of this protest was surprising
  14. Brics Plus: China wants more countries in grouping; will India's influence be reduced? Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has come up with the idea of expanding the membership of the five-nation economic grouping too include other emerging economies like Mexico, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  15. One of China's 'Most-Wanted' Fugitives Returns From US to Surrender: Wang Jiazhe is the 39th fugitive on the list to return
  16. No need to choose between China and United States, Premier Li Keqiang says
  17. Korean crisis: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang doesn't want chaos on China's doorstep
  18. Tillerson to warn China of sanctions over North Korea
  19. China: We respect Philippines' rights over Benham Rise
  20. China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea
  21. Trump’s Top China Expert Isn’t a China Expert (lol)
  22. Why China Wants In on Syria's Reconstruction Program
  23. Tan Zhongyi, 25-Year-Old Female Chinese Chess Player Wins 2017 Women's World Chess Championship
  24. Saudi Arabia, China sign deals worth up to $85 billion
  25. China's Fan wins 3rd straight women's 500m gold at short track worlds
  26. The next meeting for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be held in Chile's capital Santiago after the withdrawal of the United States and with the participation of China
  27. Beijing, Saudi Arabia agree to more oil cooperation, exports to China
  28. China, U.S. in talks on meeting between presidents
  29. UK is helping China build a new Silk Road: January, the first freight train from China’s eastern town of Yiwu arrived in London. So far, leaders from more than 20 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America have confirmed attendance to Beijing's Belt and Road Forum in May
  30. US and China agree tensions on Korean Peninsula are at a 'rather dangerous level'
  31. Travel booms as China, Philippines improve ties
  32. China ready to help build Mindanao railway
  33. PM Benjamin Netanyahu flies to China amid coalition crisis
In Domestic news
  1. China praises courts for punishing state security crimes
  2. "China's population to peak to 1.45 billion by 2030"
  3. China to Step Up Observations, Tourism in South China Sea: China is expanding its presence in the South China Sea with plans to build an underwater observation system and to send tourists to the disputed areas
  4. Chinese officials ring alarm bells as IS video shows militants vowing to launch attack
  5. China says investment will help unification with Taiwan
  6. "China's Communist Party hardens rhetoric on Islam"
  7. New rules forbid retired officials in Beijing from practicing religious activities
  8. Lhasa tops China's happiest cities in 2016: CCTV poll
  9. China legislature giving more seats to women, workers
  10. ‘When are you going back to Arabia?’: How Chinese Muslims became the target of online hate
  11. China consumer day show skewers Nike shoes, Muji foods
  12. A New Baby Boom Is Happening in China's Smaller Cities
  13. Beijing ‘to slash foreign picture book numbers’: publishers urged to focus on domestically generated books
  14. China's new bitcoin rules call for identity check
  15. Over Half Say Gender Equality on the Rise in China: Survey canvassed 2,002 Chinese, 23.4 percent of whom came from the countryside
  16. The chart that shows China’s baby-making frenzy since it lifted its one-child policy: The country recorded 18.46 million live births in 2016, leading to “the largest annual number of newborns since 2000"
  17. China to cut Foreigners Some Slack, Will Start Issuing 5-Year Work Permits
  18. China rebrands Cold War nuclear bunker as tourist draw
  19. China Decreased Their Fossil Fuel Use While Increasing Their Energy Use
  20. When China’s White-Hat Hackers Go Patriotic: after Lotte Group’s website crashed, Huaxia Hacker Alliance took credit. Huaxia advertises themselves as white-hat. Since the 1990s, many Chinese hackers have readily exchanged white-hats for red-hats 红帽子 whenever they feel their nation is under assault
  21. Put us on the map, please: China's smaller cities go wild for starchitecture
In SciTech news
  1. A new approach to improving lithium-sulfur batteries: authors include researchers from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shenzhen University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University in China
  2. Hong Kong university reveals complete genetic sets of nasopharyngeal cancer: Chinese University findings may lead to development of new drugs for a more targeted approach in treating patients
  3. Diabetes drug may be effective against deadly form of breast cancer, study suggests: Researchers in China have discovered that a metabolic enzyme called AKR1B1 drives an aggressive type of breast cancer
  4. China is working on a new manned spaceship that can fly both in low earth orbit, as well as a moon landing mission. The spacecraft is recoverable and can carry six people in low earth orbit and three to four in a moon landing mission
  5. China's Didi launches Silicon Valley research hub
  6. China Fast Catching up With AI Robots Manufacturing
  7. First results of CRISPR gene editing of normal embryos released: team in China has corrected genetic mutations in some of the cells in three normal human embryos using the CRISPR genome editing technique. The latest study is the first to describe the results of using CRISPR in viable human embryos
  8. Two Chinese win Science Prizes
  9. Researchers assemble five new fully artificial yeast chromosomes: A team at Tsinghua University led an effort where six teams built in pieces synthetic chromosome XII (synXII), which was then assembled into a final molecule more than a million base pairs (a megabase) in length
  10. Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence Lab Unveils Synthetic Speech System: The Chinese search giant’s Deep Voice system learns to talk in just a few hours with little or no human interference
  11. China to Unveil World's First Civilian Sub Developed Jointly With Russia by 2018: China is set to unveil a civilian submarine, developed with participation of Russian scientists, by the end of the year
  12. The Next U.S.-China Arms Race: Artificial Intelligence? Currently, PLA thinkers anticipate the advent of an “intelligentization Revolution in Military Affairs” that will result in a transformation from informatized ways of warfare to future “intelligentized” (智能化) warfare
  13. The future is here: China sounds a clarion call on AI funding, policies to surpass US: Artificial intelligence has made its way on to the agenda of the government’s annual political show in Beijing, urged on by the country’s business and technology elites
  14. China's Space Station: Tianhe-1 module to be followed by Tianzhou-2, Shenzhou-12. Tianzhou-2 will dock with and supply Tianhe-1 in low Earth orbit. Shenzhou-12 crewed spacecraft will visit Tianhe-1, which is the first of three large modules that will make up the completed Chinese Space Station
  15. China outpaces India in internet access, smartphone ownership
  16. Beijing to release national artificial intelligence development plan: Wan Gang, the minister of science and technology, said the plan, which aims to facilitate the adoption of the technology in a wide range of areas, including “economy, social welfare, environmental protection and national security”
  17. The secret Maoist Chinese operation that conquered malaria — and won a Nobel - Salon.com
  18. Researchers in China have developed Graphene solar panels that can generate electricity from raindrops. The solar panels with a respectable 6.53 percent solar-to-electric conversion efficiency allows generation of power during periods of clouds and rain.
  19. China starts building huge cosmic-ray observatory to study the evolution of the universe
  20. China’s Undersea Lab Station to Boost Country’s Deep-Sea Research Efforts: undersea lab station is planned to hold up to 12 people and last for months underwater
  21. BeiDou navigates its way to global stage: system with a constellation of 35 satellites by 2020. GLAC to set up an alliance for enterprises that seek to take BeiDou products and solutions to markets along the Belt and Road Initiative
  22. A new clip from Science Channel's "Impossible Engineering" highlights the astonishingly large Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) in China
  23. Cube iWork1x Review - Z8350 2-in-1 Windows 10 Tablet
  24. How China is Becoming a World Leader in Artificial Intelligence: Data Ecosystem - large volume of user data for algorithms and AI programs. Research and development - AI patent applications grew 186% from previous 5 years. Strong growth projected - 202 Chinese AI startups raised US$1 billion in 2016
In Economic news
  1. The New Industrial Revolution In China Is Here
  2. After $225 Billion in Deals Last Year, China Reins In Overseas Investment - The New York Times
  3. The European Patent Office published its 2016 annual report today, showing an “unprecedented level of patent filings,” and underlining the growing number of patent applications from China
  4. China to start intellectual property rights pilot reform
  5. Ivanka Trump was importing 50 tonnes of Chinese clothing as her father was saying 'buy American'
  6. What Trump Doesn't Understand About China's Entrepreneurial Culture - China doesn't want to be the world's technology manufacturer; it wants to displace Silicon Valley as the world's technology innovator.
  7. The Truth About doing business in China from Alibaba, Didi Chuxing
  8. Trump is already losing to China in technology
  9. China poised to top global corporate patents
  10. Competing with the Chinese Factory of 2017 - Deep manufacturing expertise and extensive supply chains give China a lead that will be tough to overcome.
  11. Chinese pharma firms target the global market
  12. Being bullish on China is no longer an outlier view
  13. Clean Energy Could Spark a Trade War Between the US and China
  14. Chinese enterprises hired some 1.5 million foreigners overseas in 2016 amid their rapid global expansion, China's commerce minister said. Overseas Chinese enterprises recorded 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in sales volume last year, bringing 40 billion U.S. dollars of taxes to host countries
  15. China's Sinopec nears deal to buy Chevron's South African assets
  16. While Trump complains about open markets, China and Germany are embracing free trade
  17. Russian scientists and Chinese business collaboration development
  18. 'Global powerhouse' business competition with ties to China now in Toronto
  19. China reins in overseas investment after $300b in 2016
In Military news
  1. China will use steam catapults on its third aircraft carrier instead of electromagnetic launch but the fourth will mostly catchup to US technology
  2. The PLA’s Potential Breakthrough in High-Power Microwave Weapons: In the near term, the PLA’s probable employment of this HPM could be as a ship-borne anti-missile system or to reinforce China’s air defense systems
  3. China developing military drones that can evade radar, anti-aircraft weapons: CASIC is also interested in developing near-space drones, which would travel in Earth's atmosphere at altitudes of 20 to 100km, above the top altitudes of commercial airliners but below orbiting satellites
  4. China to intercept 'intruding' aircraft, follow military vessels amid efforts to strengthen navy
  5. Inside China’s High-Tech Space-Based Laser Arsenal: If Beijing’s military provides the funding for the scientists’ proposed five-ton chemical laser, it could be operational by 2023. The weapon would be capable of destroying enemy satellites in orbit from its position in lower Earth orbit
  6. China ready to neutralise THAAD, retired PLA general says: All the country’s armed forces had the capacity to interfere with radar signals. Yue said an ideal place to install the Chinese equipment was on the Shandong peninsula on the country’s east coast, opposite South Korea
  7. Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China
  8. Tillerson puts military action 'on the table' over North Korea
  9. Pakistan has inducted an advanced Chinese made LY-80 (LOMADS) Surface to Air missile defence system to secure its airspace from any sort of misadventure, a statement from the ISPR said
  10. China to expand marine corps for deployment in Gwadar, Djibouti: China is constructing a naval base in Djibouti to provide logistical support in one of the world's busiest waterways in the Indian Ocean
  11. Stealth fighter soon powered by local engines: "It will not take a long time for our fifth-generation combat plane to have China-made engines," said Chen Xiangbao, vice-president of the AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials
  12. China begins new work on disputed South China Sea island: An image of North Island in the Paracels group taken on March 6 shows recent work including land clearing and possible preparation for a harbour to support what experts believe may be eventual military installations
Other Notables
  1. Is Google another step closer to being unblocked in China?
  2. Mainland Chinese student 'detained for spying' in Taiwan is a anti-CCP KMT supporter
  3. Sun Wukong's Journey to the West | WooKong
  4. Pictures: Naigu stone forest in China's Yunnan
  5. The Great Wall of China on a cold day (x-post Damnthatsinteresting)
  6. [Analysis South Korea part 2] Fourth months ago before mainstream medias , I made an analisys on the situation of south Korea on this sub , this is the second part , just an update
  7. South Korea: Park's exit seen as chance to reset China relations
  8. Britain can be a key partner in China's new Silk Road
  9. Chinese Actors Don’t Have to Settle for Hollywood’s Racism Anymore
  10. While the West Fiddles, China Races to Define the Future
  11. The Rise of China and the Future of the West
  12. How We Address Strangers, How We View the World (East Asians, like the Chinese, Address Strangers via Familial Titles, "Uncles" or "Aunties", Europeans Use "Mister", Which Originated From An Aristocratic Title "Master", a commonly used English honorific for men under the rank of knighthood)
  13. China Could Reshape the Post-U.S. World Order, but Does It Want To?
  14. "Iron Fist" (Kung fu cultural appropriation) has flopped hard
  15. The Kingdom of Women: China’s ‘lost tribe’ of matriarchs, the Mosuo | Post Magazine
  16. Casting of white actors in college play causes furor at Central Washington U: They were using historical derogatory slurs — equivalent of the N-word for Chinese Addison complained. Robinson said We’re not looking for any kind of ethnic...it wouldn’t be uncommon to cast an Asian person as Hamlet
  17. Oldest-Known Image of Confucius Found in Tomb of Disgraced Han Dynasty Emperor
  18. American Unrest Proves China Got the Internet Right
  19. Meet China’s SexyCyborg: does projects to show creative culture. What reactions do you get? (clothes) Overwhelmingly positive in China. Intersection between beautiful women and creativity goes back thousands of years. As for people in the West, my appearance seem to be more important than anything
  20. Ghost in The Shell PSA
  21. Pictures: Fairyland on earth Baishi Mountain in Hebei, China
  22. (x-post from AI) Asian American artist Joshua Luna and his take on the upcoming Iron Fist show
  23. Beijing's Dancing Grannies Put on Headphones
  24. 16 Must-Know Etiquette Rules for Your Next Trip to China
  25. Mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb discovered under Chinese construction site
  26. Trump prepares to pass the world leadership baton to China
  27. Forgotten ally? China's unsung role In World War II (As the 1st Nation to enter WW2, with total casualties at more than 14 million, If China had surrendered in 1938, History might be very different)
  28. "Shen Yun - The First Time I Left a Performance"
  29. 4K Timelapse: BEIJING IN MOTION 2017
  30. Harbin Opera House
  31. Pictures: Scenery of Suzhou Lion Grove Garden
  32. Westerners Want Chinese To Understand China Through Western Concepts
  33. Lightning-quick cashier counting goes viral online
  34. World's Longest Single Spherical Hinge Bridge Section Completes Rotation In North China City
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Singapore and China work to boost Chongqing's connectivity
  2. Chinese private security goes global
  3. Could China's Trump tactics actually be working?
  4. Russia and China’s Enduring Alliance: shared political vision for world order provides the foundation for Chinese-Russian cooperation. It is defined primarily by the desire to see an end to U.S. primacy, to be replaced by multipolarity
  5. US Border (Black Shirt) Agents Out of Control, Randomly Harass visitors (Iranians, Taiwanese, Scandinavians, Australian Children book author). (ICE Agents Can Legally Lie to Trick and Interrogate People, and Detain People Under False Pretenses)
  6. Current Americans' view of China most positive in three decades: poll
  7. China's top diplomat to visit U.S. on Monday and Tuesday: Xinhua
  8. China and Italy will strengthen their cooperation in multilateral bodies, their leaders agreed during a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Italian counterpart Sergio Matterella
  9. Australian swim coach who trained Sun Yang accuses drug cheat's critics of throwing stones from glasshouses. I was there when Sam got busted. Did we call her a cheat for the rest of her life? By that same rationale, Sam Riley is a cheat too. But we didn't say that did we?
  10. Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu held onto their lead from the short dance to win the gold medal in ice dancing at the Asian Winter Games
  11. Russia, China block U.N. sanctions on Syria over gas attacks: China backed Russia and cast its sixth veto on Syria. China's U.N. Ambassador Liu Jieyi said it was too early to act because the international investigation was still ongoing
  12. PH, China coast guards line up joint drills for 2017: The Philippine Coast Guard says there will also be high-level visits, port calls, and cooperation against transnational crimes
  13. China Wants to Attract More Foreigners (of a Certain Kind): seeking to attract more foreign investors, though most green card recipients still ethnically Chinese. China’s policies are contradictory in wanting foreign talent but has a deep-rooted instinct to keep foreigners at arm’s length
  14. ISIL video threatens China with 'rivers of bloodshed'
  15. China calls for cooperation to fight Uighur militants after video released
  16. Chinese immersion students win big in national competition
  17. Indonesian netizens cry anti-China conspiracy after seeing sign that reads “Indochina”: sinophobic Facebook post went viral in Indonesia, showing that there is clearly a link between ignorance and hatred "Indochina???? What country is that? Is this the sign of a revolution?"
  18. Which countries are on the right track, according to their citizens? - WEF Survey
  19. China, Laos agree to boost cooperation
  20. Italy Hopes to Participate in China's Silk Road Project: "We are confident in the realization of China's 'One Belt, One Road' initiative and we will work on that project together with China," Mattarella said
  21. China accuses western media of 'fake news' about human rights
  22. Protests mount in China against South Korea's missile system
  23. Murakami novel acknowledges Nanjing Massacre, sets off online frenzy
  24. Canada launches consultations on free trade with China
  25. Russia, China Agree to Expand Cooperation in Fight Against Terrorism - Ministry
  26. Chinese PM warns world entering period of political and economic upheaval
  27. Trump seeks early meeting with Xi Jinping
  28. US propaganda effort against China has moved from human rights critique to discrediting their success, such as calling Chinese "thieves" (World Congress of Sociology)
  29. European smog could be 27 times more toxic than air pollution in China
In Domestic news
  1. Tibet set to receive 25 million tourists this year: visitors are expected to generate more than 37 billion yuan ($5.38 billion) in revenue
  2. JD.com sets up world's first low altitude UAV logistics network in northwest China: drones to be used in Shaanxi are to be ten times bigger than those used in the Beijing-based company's first UAV debut last June. Up to 300 kilometres per flight, the drones can be loaded with several tonnes of goods
  3. China’s youth becoming less – not more – nationalistic, says new report
  4. China considers paying couples to have a second child | World news
  5. China holds mass police rally in Xinjiang as hundreds sent to anti-terror 'frontline'
  6. Foreigner serves as village official in Zhejiang
  7. China coal consumption declines for third straight year
  8. Yao Ming elected president of Chinese Basketball Association
  9. 'They're jealous of his hot bod': Handsome world champion swimmer Ning Zetao is kicked out of Chinese national team – but fans say they love him even more. A statement from the Chinese Swimming Federation saying that he had violated team rules by signing sponsorships without consulting them first
  10. China’s world-beating solar farm is almost as big as Macau, Nasa satellite images reveal
  11. China coal use fell again in 2016, solar capacity rose 82%
  12. China accuses rights activist of 'fake news' fabricating torture
  13. Beijing wants to replace its 70,000 taxis with electric vehicles to fight local air pollution
  14. Citizens Hope to Make a Big Difference at China's Top Political Meet-Up
  15. China will complete five nuclear reactors in 2017 and double nuclear power generation to about 420 TWh by 2021
  16. What is CCTV Chinese New Year's Gala?
  17. China to target Taiwan and Hong Kong's young to boost loyalty
  18. Which Countries Are Going In The Right Direction? What Worries the World Report (18,110 people in 25 countries) by Ipsos Public Affairs on whether things are going in the “right direction” or “wrong direction” in their particular country. In China, 90% say going in right direction
  19. China's National People's Congress kicks off this weekend: Here's what to watch
  20. David Beckham has been snapped up by China to help them win the World Cup
  21. Why China staged a fresh display of military might in Xinjiang
  22. China's anti-corruption overhaul paves way for Xi to retain key ally
  23. China to build first underwater platform in South China Sea: the observation platform will probe the undersea physical, chemical, and geological dynamics, and will also be used for other purposes
  24. China's domestic railway system is expected to grow by 30,000 kilometres before 2020 and one-third will consist of high-speed rail, according to the country's Ministry of Transport
  25. Premier Li says China will resolutely oppose Taiwan independence
In SciTech news
  1. Inside the Chinese lab poised to study world's most dangerous pathogens: The move is part of a plan to build between five and seven biosafety level-4 (BSL-4) labs across the Chinese mainland by 2025
  2. China's Sina Weibo (WB) will soon have more users than Twitter (TWTR)
  3. Fermi Finds Dark Matter Clues in Andromeda Galaxy: Messier 31 may help astronomers understand the life cycle of cosmic rays and star formation. “We don’t fully understand the roles cosmic rays play in galaxies, or how they travel through them,” said lead co-author Dr. Xian Hou, Yunnan Observatories
  4. China’s solar megastructure captured on camera from space (PHOTOS)
  5. Huawei Honor V9 launched in China; Dual cameras, Android Nougat and more
  6. China and Italy to cooperate on long-term human spaceflight: Other activities include joint work relating to scientific payloads, data sharing, mutual use of technical facilities and the exchange of personnel
  7. China welcomes more foreign scientists: Nobel Prize winner Yang Zhenning and Turning Award winner Yao Qizhi, gave up their foreign nationalities to become Chinese citizens
  8. Speaking Mandarin may offer kids a musical edge: perceiving musical pitch. Creel's team published its findings Developmental Science. Scientists had previously linked speaking Mandarin and musical ability in adults. The new study is the first to do that in children
  9. Atom-scale oxidation mechanism of nanoparticles helps develop anti-corrosion materials: research group led by Prof. BAO Xinhe from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  10. Pimax 4K Review - Budget VR
  11. Israel's Top VCs Can't Help But Be In Awe Of China's Tech Progress
  12. Neutrons, simulation analysis of tRNA-nanodiamond combo could transform drug delivery design principles: team including Liang Hong of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China to observe the motions of hydrogen atoms from the model system
  13. Huawei is considering cell towers that wirelessly charge drones: Cell towers could power the drones that fly above them
In Economic news
  1. Chinese wages exceed Brazil, Argentina and Mexico
  2. China's thriving SUV-only automaker looks to global growth: Great Wall Motors Ltd. sells Havals in Australia, Italy and Russia. Its CEO, Wang Fengying, is the first woman to lead an automaker a decade before GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra. Wei has a reputation for military-style discipline
  3. Earliest China Data Indicate Economy Remaining Stable This Month - Bloomberg
  4. 'Made in China' isn't so cheap anymore, and that could spell headache for Beijing
  5. Huawei, China's biggest smartphone maker, isn't planning to schmooze with Trump
  6. Chinese 'Taobao villages' are turning poor communities into huge online retail hubs
  7. Lotte's land offer for THAAD may become nightmare for business
  8. The U.S. International Trade Commission said that subsidized bus and truck tires imported from China had not damaged the U.S. industry, and as a result it would not issue anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders on the products
  9. China sees sharp decline in ivory smuggling in 2016
  10. China Manufacturing Activity Has Strong Start to 2017 - WSJ
  11. China economic strength allows shift from stimulus
  12. China is buying less of Hollywood, but more of everything else in the USA
  13. A delivery man just became one of the richest people in China
  14. China is now calling the shots in metals pricing
  15. Private schools go to China to lure $40,000 fee-paying students
  16. PBoC is going digital as mobile payments boom: After assembling a research team in 2014, the People’s Bank of China has done trial runs of its prototype cryptocurrency. Chinese people have embraced online payments for just about everything
  17. China Hard Landing Story Dies Another Day
  18. China Is Preparing Its Own Bitcoin Alternative
  19. Global art sales plummet, China biggest market: Artprice annual report. China chalked up the highest total sales and "established itself clearly as the superpower" of the art world, the report said
  20. China sets 2017 GDP growth target at around 6.5%
In Military news
  1. China's Strategic Support Force to Wage Cyber and Space War vs the US: Xi has ordered the SSF to pursue "leapfrog development" and advance military innovation. SSF is optimized for future warfare in new strategic frontiers such as space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic domain
  2. Mystery deepens over Chinese forces in Afghanistan
  3. Meet China's triple-hulled warship of the future: A trimaran vessel with all-electric propulsion, multiple helicopters, and anti-ship missiles. If compared to the vessel USS Independence subclass of the Littorial Combat Ship, the Chinese frigate is far more heavily armed for conventional warfare
  4. Military analysts suggest ways to disable THAAD
  5. China’s FC-31 Fighter May Be Slated for Carrier Ops: FC-31 has a twin nose gear, and it was recently reported that the third Chinese aircraft carrier would be fitted with three steam catapults
  6. Fake News about Chinese Nuclear Weapons: sole basis of the claim that China announced the existence and deployment of the DF-41 is a commentary. The fabrication and distribution of misinformation about the size, capability and intent of China’s nuclear arsenal is nothing new
  7. Nepal-China military drill to be held in March
  8. Made in China Laser Cannon Built to Destroy UAV Swarms a Big Hit at IDEX 2017: by Poly Technologies, "Silent Hunter" is a fiber-optic laser air defense system. It can track and shoot down aerial targets with the diameter of less than 2 meters that fly at a speed of less than 60 meters per second
  9. China's 2017 military budget rise slows again
  10. There's a new player at Australia's biggest airshow: China
  11. Drones, lasers, and tanks: China shows off its latest weapons. S-20 attack submarines, FC-31 stealth fighter jets, and updates to laser and drone weaponry. CH-5 drone is China's largest UCAV offered for export, 4,400-mile range and 60hr flight time (soon to become 12,000 miles and 120hr of flight)
Other Notables
  1. A Million People Live in These Underground Nuclear Bunkers
  2. China, Taiwan and 228 Massacre anniversary
  3. In China, this is science fiction's golden age
  4. What will it take for China to rein in North Korea?
  5. Chinese national Sanda team training
  6. Trump and the media: How does “fake news” affect politics in a “post-truth” era?
  7. The wedding portraits of two sanitation worker couples from the city of Hangzhou attracted much attention recently on the country's social media
  8. The Martial Arts Show That Is Destroying Asian Stereotypes on Screen
  9. 500 years ago, China destroyed its world-class merchant navy because its political elite was afraid of free trade - A lesson in protectionism
  10. Tobacco lobby holding back smoking ban
  11. Pentagon report on China racism and containment strategies [proves US media is nothing but propaganda]
  12. An Uneasy Codependence
  13. Chinese and American Consumers Have Different Ideas About What Makes a Product Creative
  14. China shift to renewables transforms world's biggest polluter from 'climate bad boy' into 'true leader'
  15. Chinese excavation technology at forefront of Tel Aviv's railway tunnels
  16. Mirror of Time: Chinese Weddings Through the Decades
  17. Meet the Chinese farmer who taught himself law in order to sue a corporation
  18. North and South Korea Give China a Double Headache
  19. China's play for supremacy in Eurasia revives an old geopolitical vision
  20. Matt Damon's 'The Great Wall' to Lose $75 Million; Future U.S.-China Productions in Doubt
  21. India goes nuts ‘competing’ with China
  22. China and Saudi Arabia Solidify Strategic Partnership Amid Looming Risks - Jamestown
  23. Ancient skulls give clues to China human history
  24. Hollywood Has Appetite For China’s Big Bucks, But At What Cost?
  25. Chinese-American Museum Of Chicago Debuts Fashion Exhibit: "The Way We Wore: Celebrating Chinese Fashion Heritage" exhibit features Chinese clothing, jewelry and accessories from the late Qing Dynasty to the late 20th century
  26. Most Chinese Parents Have Misunderstandings over Raising Boys and Girls in Different Ways: following the old Chinese saying 'to raise sons in poor while give daughters a wealthy life'
  27. After ISIS Threat, China May Have to Get off Sidelines in Middle East
  28. China's Love Affair With Basketball
  29. How China Has Taken Over The Worldwide Box Office In 2017
  30. Pictures: Snow scenery of Jinshanling Great Wall
  31. [Discussion] Yeah... I have no doubt now U.S is totally going down we are watching the decline of a nation live.You may think it is a rant but seems pretty clear for me , any opinions?
  32. Universal Wins Bidding War for Michael Bay-Produced Script About Trump-Like Dystopia
  33. chinese football - Here comes a new challenger! (Chinese indie rock)
  34. Chinese actors getting cast in bigger roles in US films: When Matt Damon got stranded on Mars in 'The Martian', NASA called on China for help. And Star Wars' Rogue One - a huge hit - with TWO Chinese stars in major roles
  35. Russia and China are not competing for influence in Central Asia since their priorities in the region coincide, including maintaining political stability, promoting economic development and upholding secular statehood
  36. China's Tortured Beauties: Make Me Look Western
  37. Dr. Nancy Wang Yuen on racism in Hollywood
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